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Despite increase in a role of import in consumption, on separate commodity groups there was a reduction of a share of the countries in world import of a row of raw materials, first of all, of fuel and ores of non-ferrous metals. In line with an tendency there is growth of a share of import of cars and an, vehicles and ferrous metals.

Important feature of participation of the western countries in division of labor is development of this process first of all within this subsystem. Between the countries there is a horizontal, streams of the capitals and goods, technologies go in economy sectors in two directions. These processes integration of industrialized countries at level and promote asymmetric development of economic system. The subsystem of industrially countries reproduces first of all itself, using other two subsystems of the developing and transitional countries, in the interests.

The central place in a segment of foreign economic relations belongs to the movement of the capital which defines development of other forms. The industrial countries act as the main subjects and objects of application of the enterprise and loan capital — about 95 — 75%. About 90% of the loan capital of the international markets are placed in the countries of OECD.

Japan had the highest growth rates of export and the lowest — at Britain. Sharp unevenness of development of foreign trade caused considerable distinctions in ­ foreign trade between the countries. The gap in trade is per capita higher, than in GDP: the greatest between and SShA-8:

One of the most important factors of strengthening of positions of this or that country or subsystem in the world market is the of scientific and technical achievements. They strengthen those suppliers who achieved the greatest progress in their development. At the same time it opens great opportunities for those countries which lagged behind. The lagged behind countries can make use of scientific and technical experience of the advanced and create more effective structure of production.