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Thus, we receive that the structure r-p-r-p itself as if two plane transistors imposed one on another from which the first is the transistor r-p-r, included according to the scheme with the general base, and the second — the transistor

Along with powerful trinistor also low-power high-frequency options are developed. In such devices time of a direct can make tens, and time of the return a — hundreds of nanoseconds. So high speed by the small thickness of layers and existence of electric field in base. Low-power high-speed trinistor in various trigger and relaxation schemes.

Here still  =  +  — total coefficient of a in which the component of  is function of current Ik, and -function of the sum of currents of Ik + Ib. Setting positive current of Ib, we thereby set initial value of coefficient of  (at Ik ==. Therefore to any current of Ik there will correspond bigger  value, so, and bigger value and, than at Ib =

and — the schematic image of structure r-p-r-p, - the provision of borders of zones in the absence of external tension, in — the provision of borders of zones when giving, on the collector negative, and on the emitter of positive shift concerning base

The main tendency when developing modern trinistor consists in increase of working currents and, tension to replace the corresponding gas-discharge devices (gasotrons and tiratrona). Now working currents of trinistor lie within 1 000 — 2 000 and, and working tension — within 2 — 3 quarter. With other things being equal dinistor and trinistor considerably surpass gas-discharge devices in efficiency, and also in dimensions, scales and service life.